Agriculture Recognition



The Libby Family and Libby and Son U-Picks,

Donald, Michael & Aaron Libby

Three generations of the Libby family have been commercially growing fruit in Limerick since the 1940’s. At the young age of 12 Donald Libby started working on a local apple orchard owned by relatives of First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt. The orchard was purchased in the 1950’s by the Hall Brothers, of Hall & Cole Produce and incorporated as Three Hills Apple Orchard. Don cared for the orchard the next 40+ years. Michael, like his father Don, worked on the orchard from a very young age. After pursuing other careers, Mike returned to the orchard full time. In the late 1970’s the farm diversified by growing highbush blueberries. Through the 80’s & 90’s many bushels of apples and many tons of blueberries were picked, boxed and shipped throughout New England. Local markets and pick your own options were expanding with each passing year. By the late 90’s the Hall Family had decided to sell the orchard, mostly for the value of the property. Don retired in 1999 and that would be the last harvest season for Three Hills Orchard. After retirement Don remains around the orchard helping in any way he can. Facing employment uncertainty, Mike chose to purchase the highbush blueberry part of the orchard. The goal from day one for Mike was to transform the reliance on wholesale to retail/pick your own. Like his grandfather and father before him Aaron started working on the orchard at a young age. Together Mike and Aaron increased customer demand. Aaron is a current member of the Maine State Pomological Society Executive Committee and Past President and in 2020 he was the recipient of US Apple Association Young Grower’s Initiative and Fruit Grower’s News 40 Under 40.

While serving in the Maine Legislature Aaron submitted and was successful in passing Limited Liability for Agritourism bill into law. Since 2000 Libby’s Farm has been operating as Libby & Son U-Picks, a pick your own fruit farm with fun for the whole family. Twice Libby’s has been voted in the USA Today’s Top 10 Apple Orchards in the country and is nominated for the third straight year.