The 160th Anniversary of the Acton Fair

Looking Forward to the 160th Anniversary of Acton Fair



We are looking for old photos, memorabilia for our anniversary display.

Please submit photos to


ACTON FAIR 160th Anniversary Poster Contest

The trustees of the Acton Fair are interested in obtaining a design suitable for reproduction on posters and possibly             t-shirts to be sold at the Acton Fair.

Artwork should reflect some aspect of this traditional agricultural fair.

The selected entry will receive a prize of $160.00.

The Acton Fair will retain all rights to the design. 

FMI Roxanne Bumford 207-651-3281/207-457-2117

The 2025 Quilt Square—160th Anniversary

Packets which include the rules and a square of fabric which must be used in your square, can be picked up in the domestic department.


The 160th Acton Fair Special Categories

1. A previously displayed item in Acton Fair’s domestic department.

2.A newly made 160th Acton Fair Commemorative Item.