2nd Annual Iron Tails Saloon Keg Toss

2nd Annual Iron Tails Saloon Keg Toss

Located on the Truck and Tractor pulling track

Approximately 4:30 during the truck pull

Robert Clock, Superintendent

84 Brock Rd Lyman, Me 04002

Roxanne Bumford Assistant 207-457-2117



  1. Open to men ages 18 & older
  2. Must sign up prior to the pull. Signs ups will be at starting 2:30PM Saturday.
  3. Must keep your feet behind the line on the track when throwing.
  4. The keg must stay in between the barriers.
  5. Measurements will be taken by the judges and all results are final.


Cash prizes:

1st $100.00,

2nd 75.00

3rd $50.00


Keg and cash prizes are provided by: Iron Tails Saloon Acton Maine