ADGA Dairy Goat Show




Acton Fair, Route 109, Acton, ME


JUDGE:  Barbara Norcross

SHOW CHAIRPERSON: Lacey Qualey 207-206-9396

Show Sec. TBD – Submit entries to Lacey Qualey 67 Staples Rd, Limington, Me 04049

or email to 


2023 ADGA RULES SHALL GOVERN, Senior Show First Followed by Junior Show


  • Order of breeds are as follows: Nigerian Dwarf, Recorded Grade, AOP, LaMancha, Nubian and Oberhasli.   ORDER OF BREEDS IS SUBJECT TO CHANGE
  • Advance entry fees: $5.00 per animal, there are no day of show entries or substitutions. Please make checks payable to Acton Fair Association. We hope to make this new show a fun experience for everyone!
  • We are required to leave the fairgrounds clean at the end of the day, please be prepared to clean your area before you leave. There will be limited pens available in the Goat Tent, to reserve pens please contact Lacey Qualey. Please bring your own show pens if you do not reserve a pen bedding will be available.
  • All entry fees must be in the hands of the show secretary by August 10th, 2023. Substitutions are allowed.
  • Registration or recordation papers must be presented on all animals six (6) months or older. Animals under six (6) months may be shown in an official ADGA show with a stamped duplicate application showing date of receipt in the ADGA office. A stamped duplicate is valid this season per ADGA direction.
  • Papers will be checked until 8:30 am. It is requested that all animals be on the grounds by 8:00 Judging will start at 9.00am.
  • Age base date for animals will be day of show, August 27TH, 2023
  • Judges decision is final. ADGA Grand Champion or Best of Breed winners must compete for Best in Show or forfeit the leg. Per ME State regulations, no more than two premiums will be awarded per exhibitor in each class. Each doe entered may receive only one premium in individual competition. GCH receives only one premium, either from the age class one, or Champion Challenge. The higher premium of the two will be awarded per ME State regulations.
  • Show committee reserves the right to interpret or amend the rules. Neither the Acton Fair Association nor its officers shall be held responsible for any loss, damage or accident to any person or animals or property while on the grounds. All animals entered at owner’s risk and animals must be attended at all times. Camping is available on the grounds but arrangements must be made with the fair. Failure to make appropriate arrangements for overnight accommodation with the Fair will result in premium losses.
  • HEALTH REGULATIONS: Out of state animals – 2023 Certificate of Veterinary Inspection (Veterinary issued health certificate) required. All goats originating from TB accredited free and Brucellosis classified free status may enter the state of ME without testing. A copy of your valid CVI and Maine Association of Live Stock Exhibitors Insurance card or valid $1,000,000 liability insurance naming Acton Fair must be submitted with entries. Find information on MALE insurance on page 34.
  • ME animals – All goats must originate from non-quarantined herds and be clinically free from all other infectious and communicable diseases. Permanent identification of all animals on the grounds is required (tattoos with registration papers or USDA ear tag).







ND       RG       AOP     LAM     NUB     OB


Under 2 Years                                        1          9          17       25       34       42

2 to 3 years                                             2          10       18       26       35       43

3 to 5 years                                             3          11       19       27       36       44

5years & over                                         4          12       20       28       37       45

Sr. Grand Champion and Reserve Sr. Grand Champion for each breed after

each breed

Champ Challenge                                  5          13       21       29       38       46

Sr. Get of Sire                                        6          14       22       30       39       47

Get of Sire consists of 3 does in milk from the same sire, the sire must be named.

One entry per sire per farm/family.

Produce of Dam                                    7          15       23       31       40       48

Produce of Dam consists of 2 does in milk from the same dam. Dam must be named. One entry

 per dam per farm/family

Best 3 Does in Milk                               8          16       24       33       41       49

Best Doe in Senior Show                   Trophy


Junior Dow Show Classes


0 to 3 months                                              58        63        68        73        78        83

3 to 6 months                                              59        64        69        74        79        84

6 to 12 months                                            60        65        70        75        80        85

12 to 24 months                                          61        66        71        76        81        86

Junior Grand champion and Reserve Grand Champion for each breed, after each breed

Jr. Get of Sire                                              62        67        72        77        82        87

Get of Sire consists of 3 doe kids from the same sire, the sire must be named. One entry per dam per farm/family

Best Doe in Junior Show                            Trophy


1st        2nd       3rd        4th

Premiums for Regular Classes                   $10      $8        $6        $4

Premiums for Group Classes                      $25      $20      $17      $15


Submit entry form (from page 78), entry fees and copy of MALE or $1,000,000 liability

Insurance to:    Lacey Qualey 67 Staples Rd, Limington, ME 04049

Forms and fees must be received by show secretary by August 10th, 2023.


ADGA Entry Form