Trailer and Camper Rules and Fees      Camper Registration Form

  • Campers should not be on the grounds before Wednesday prior to the fair opening.
  • No Jacuzzi Tubs are allowed.
  • All overnight camping must be in the designated area unless otherwise instructed by Fair Officials.
  • All campers and trailers will enter through Gate #4.
  • Water and Electricity will be furnished except in Emergency situations.
  • Fees are $15.00 per day for all Trailers and Campers (includes water and electricity).
  • $15.00 extra if air conditioning and/or heat are desired.
  • Camping without electricity or water $25.00.
  • These fees do not include passes.
  • Parking attendants will show you where to park your trailers and campers.
  • Campers must be self contained or they will not be allowed to camp on the grounds.
  • Unpaid camper fees for exhibitors will be deducted from premiums.
  • Dumping tank available.

***  Beef and Dairy exhibitors will be assigned camper space, by the cattle superintendents  ***

No Pets allowed on the fairgrounds, service animals only.

For information contact: Tony Bragg 207-457-1230 or June Burke 207-457-1185

Trailer and Camper Fees:
Fees are $15.00 per day for all Trailers and Campers.
$15.00 additional for air conditioning and heat
$25.00 for camping without electricity or water
(These fees do not include passes)

*Make all checks payable to Acton Fair*