Women’s Skillet Throw


Sponsored by Springvale Hardware

Saturday, August 24, 2024 ~ following the parade
Lot 1   18-29 years old
Lot 2   30-45
Lot 3   36-64
Lot 4   65 & up
Ribbons to six places; Skillet Trophy to winners of each Lot.
Grand Champion Trophy and $50 awarded to overall winner.
Opportunities for Youth girls to try throwing a skillet will be held after the Women’s competition.

1.  Open to the World’s Women.
2.  Skillet will be provided b the fair.
3.  Skillet used is custom made of steel.
4.  Throw will be straight out on the course. Distance off center line will be subtracted from distance thrown.
5.  No practice throws allowed.
6.  One throw per contestant.
7.  Crossing foul line will result in disqualification.
8.  In the finals – two throws per contestant – best of 2.
9.  Registration begins at 10:30am on Track next to grandstand.
***   Girls Youth Skillet Throw to follow   ***